About Us

Agricomseeds is a genetic engineering company, located in Santa Cruz – Bolivia, which focuses on high quality seed production. Crops (flint type) include hybrids between yellow and red corn, that were particularly developed for tropical climates. Our genetic program has been introduced in 1995, and was meant to develop classic corns strains that were resistant to stress environments. We have developed competitive hybrids for the tropical belt, a region located in a latitude of 33 degrees north and 30 degrees south on the global hemisphere.

Agricomseeds is developing a genetic program, which is adjusted for the tropical belt with the technology of molecular markers (correlating between genetic distances between DNA samples), using the most advanced software for genetic improvements. Currently, Agricomseeds develops homozygous production lines in Sao Paolo – Brasil, Salta – Argentina and Santa Cruz – Bolivia. 1000 new hybrids are being tested and synthesized every year, of which the 30 best samples are being determined with respect to performance, production stability, aflatoxin resistance, and  grain quality. The final hybrids are eventually send to further evaluations and statistical sampling to the following countries: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, South of the United States, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, China, India, Pakistan and Thailand. 
In addition, we continue to send samples to different places every year. Throughout our website we were able to add new contacts.

The products developed by Agricomseeds are focused and differentiated by the company’s vision to target global markets throughout marketing, investigation and development for climates that are not feasible with american or european genetics.

We work under ISO 9001:2000 requirements and our seeds are produced with higher quality standards than international norms.

We operate with modern machinery and facilities, which subsequently enabled us to be creative and innovative. Moreover, Agricomseeds was able to evolve into a trustable, flexible and fast operating company.

Agricomseeds exports seeds to numerous countries, throughout paper or polymer vacuum containers with a modified atmosphere, holding the necessary amount to sow one hectare (Between 45. 000 and 80. 000 seeds according to the hybrid and the region).

Agricomseeds additionally produces sorghum hybrids and Lab-lab seeds, a legume ideal for rotary corn cultivation, soil recuperation, cultivation systems with zero agriculture and protection of versant soils.